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... Achilles Tendon Ankle Instability Ankle Sprains Arthritic Foot & Ankle Care Athletes Foot Bone Spurs Bunions Calluses Children's Foot Problems (In-toeing, out-toeing, flat feet) Corns Crush Injuries Diabetic Foot Flat Feet Fungus Toenails Fractures Geriatric Foot Care Hammertoes Heel Spurs Ingrown Toenails Injuries Neuromas Neuropathy Plantar Fasciitis Shin Splints Sprains Tailor's Bunion Tumors Warts   What Sets Us Apart Digital X-rays in-office Diagnostic Ultrasound in office Prescription pain medications Antibiotic medications Sensilase System by Vasamed Anti-fungal medications Anti-inflammatory medications Electro-stimulation (H-wave) Laser surgery Office surgery Arch supports/foot orthotics Peripheral Vascular Disease

Common Disorders of the Achilles Tendon
... Orthotics...

Custom Orthotic Devices
Custom orthotics are medical devices prescribed by a foot and ankle surgeon...

Custom orthotics are medical devices prescribed by a foot and ankle surgeon...

Shin Splints
...A foot and ankle surgeon can treat the condition, recommend proper shoe gear, and evaluate whether orthotics are needed...

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